Hall Occupational Inventories

Used across the nation and in 14 foreign countries, the Hall Occupational Orientation Inventories are effective because they:

  • Are founded on the humanistic theory of personality (Maslow) emphasizing dynamic, changing, developing nature of one’s work motivation/behavior.

  • Encourage and facilitate self-examination of one’s choicemaking behavior.

  • Chart six major career interest clusters, referencing over 350 related occupations and education/training requirements.

  • Are sensitive to ethnic, racial, religious, and demographic diversity and are free of gender and racial occupational stereotyping.

  • Focus on the whole person—not just career interests.

  • Put the individual at the center of the scoring, profiling, and interpretive process.

  • Are self-administered, self-scored, and self-interpreted

  • Provide ease of use with individuals or groups, and encourage and facilitate group discussion.

  • Are interpreted idiographically, not normatively or predictively.
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