Prices and Terms

  1. Orders for purchase of materials are filled immediately and invoiced at current catalog prices, f.o.b., Bensenville, Illinois, plus transportation, insurance, and sales taxes where applicable. All scoring and data processing services are invoiced upon completion of service according to current catalog prices, f.o.b., Earth City, Missouri, regardless of date of order. A minimum handling charge of $3.50 per carton will be added to each order. Extraordinary manual handling of answer sheets would necessitate additional charges.
  2. All U.S. orders placed without an authorized purchase order must include payment (add 15% for shipping plus handling). A minimum handling charge of $3.50 per carton will be added to each order.
  3. Add sales tax if applicable. If you have any questions regarding sales tax in your area, please call us at 1.800.642.6787.
  4. To obtain shipping and handling costs for shipments outside of United States, territories and possessions, please call 1.630.766.7150.
  5. For orders that include an authorized purchase order, the terms are as follows: Net 30 days, no cash discount. After 30 days, an interest charge will be added to the unpaid balance.
  6. All prices and terms are subject to certain of prices before shipment,test users may write for a quotation. No “professional” or “educational” discounts are allowed. All bills must be paid in U.S. currency.
  7. If prices on your order are incorrect, we reserve the right to exceed the amount up to 10% unless otherwise stated on your order.
  8. Except for Lease/Score programs, invoicing is per package or unit price as shown in the individual listing. For Lease/Score programs, invoicing is per student tested, based on the number of documents returned for scoring. (Arrangements may be made to purchase leased test booklets after testing, subject to prior approval in writing from STS in Bensenville.) Please note that the Closed HSPT® may never be purchased by a school.
  9. The STS Minimum Scoring Service charge is $25.00 plus shipping and handling.

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