How to Prepare for the HSPT®

Testing can be a rather anxious, but also, exciting experience for students and their parents. For many children it is a time to see how much knowledge has been learned/remembered from the previous year. For the junior/senior high school student, it is a time to see which high school/college will be right for them.

We receive many phone calls from schools who have questions about our various tests. In addition, there are many phone calls from parents inquiring on how to prepare for the HSPT®. Schools can use our Pre-HSPT® to test 7th grade students. For parents, we offer the advice of “do your best”, “take your time”, “take your best guess when you don’t know”, and there are test prep books available at your local bookstore. The Research & Education Association along with Barron’s have the ”COOP/HSPT” or ”COOP & HSPT” test preparation book, which is available forpurchase.

The more adults encourage children to perform to the best of their ability, the more relaxed and confident the students will become when it comes to taking tests. The continued support of schools and parents will help ensure that STS is providing the best we can for our students which also enables all of us to live better lives, have better tomorrows, and look forward to a great future.

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