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The Torrance® Tests of Creative Thinking and Gifted Education Products at STS

The highly reliable Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking are the most widely used tests of their kind since testing only requires the examinee to reflect upon their life experiences. These tests invite examinees to draw and give a title to their drawings (pictures) or to write questions, reasons, consequences, and different uses for objects (words). These instruments can effectively assist with the identification of creatively gifted and talented students. The TTCT is used as a part of gifted matrices in districts across the US, especially in multicultural settings, and for special populations around the world. Published in two equivalent forms, Forms A and B, the Figural and Verbal TTCT can be used for pre- and posttesting.

Learn how to score the TTCT at your location or the Torrance Center for Creativity and Talent Development  TTCT Training
E. Paul Torrance, creativity innovator (1915–2003) Did you know the TTCT was developed by Dr. E. Paul Torrance? Torrance was a creativity and education researcher at the University of Georgia. He spent his career refining a series creativity assessments, creating the Future Problem Solving Program, developing the Incubation Model of Teaching, and spearheading a longitudinal study of creativity. By the time he retired from the University of Georgia, Torrance had established an international reputation as a scholar of creativity with well over 1,000 books, articles, chapters, tests, and book reviews, as well as delivering countless speeches and workshops. His namesake tests are still widely used all over the world.

Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking

Figural TTCT: Thinking Creatively with Pictures

The Figural TTCT is appropriate at all levels, kindergarten through adult. It uses three picture-based exercises to assess five mental characteristics:

• fluency     • elaboration   • originality   • resistance to premature closure   • abstractness of titles

Streamlined scoring provides standardized scores for the mental characteristics listed above as well as for the following creative strengths:

• emotional expressiveness • unusual visualization • internal visualization
• storytelling articulateness • extending or breaking boundaries • movement or action
• expressiveness of titles • humor • synthesis of incomplete figures
• richness of imagery (figures) • colorfulness of imagery • synthesis of lines or circles
    • fantasy

Verbal TTCT: Thinking Creatively with Words

Suitable for grade one through adult, the Verbal TTCT uses six word-based exercises to assess three mental characteristics:

• fluency     • flexibility   • originality 

The Verbal TTCT exercises provide opportunities to ask questions, to improve products, and to "just suppose.”

To learn more about how the Figural and Verbal tests are scored (local or with STS Scoring Service) click the Scoring Services tab above.


Gifted Products

In addition to the TTCT STS also offers additional Torrance Products:

Abbreviated Torrance Test for Adults (ATTA) - a shortened version of the Torrance Tests of Creative Thinking (TTCT), it provides substantial insight into the creativity of adults by quantifying figural and verbal creative strengths. The ATTA consists of four norm-referenced abilities along with fifteen criterion-referenced creatvity indicators that when added together will give the creativity index. The ATTA is available in a English and Spanish. STS offers scoring services for English and Spanish versions.
Author: Kathy Goff & E. Paul Torrance. Level: Adult. Working Time: 15 minutes. Order ATTA online.

Thinking Creatively in Action and Movement (TCAM) - The TCAM assesses the creativity of young children or others with limited verbal and drawing skills. It is most effective from three to six years of age. Children may respond in action and movement or in words—responses appropriate to the developmental characteristics of the younger child.
Author: E. Paul Torrance. Level: Children ages 3–6. Working Time: 10–30 minutes. Order TCAM online.

Thinking Creatively with Sounds and Words (TCSW) - The TCSW is a battery of two tests: Sounds and Images (SI) and Onomatopoeia and Images (OI). The TCSW battery measures the originality of responses to abstract sounds and onomatopoeic words. A CD provides the stimuli. Both the SI and the OI involve imagery activities that also assess creativity. The TCSW battery is available in two levels, Level I for Grades 3 to 12 and Level II for adults. Each level has two equivalent forms, Forms A and B, for pre- and posttesting.
Authors: E. Paul Torrance, Joe Khatena and Bert F. Cunnington. Levels: Level I (Grades 3–12) & Level II (Adult). Working Time: 30 minutes per test. Order TCSW online.

Khatena-Morse Multitalent Perception Inventory (KMMPI) - The innovative KMMPI identifies giftedness in music, art, and leadership for individuals from elementary school through adulthood. The KMMPI is comprised of a series of rating scale items which individuals check according to their interests and self-perceptions. Both Forms A and B of the KMMPI can be scored locally. Order Khatena-Morse Multitalent Perception online.

The Torrance Monograph Series (TMS) reveals E. Paul Torrance’s insights into creativity testing.
Monograph 1, Survey of the Uses of the TTCT, outlines the rationale of the TTCT as a means of exploring creative potential.
Monograph 2, Using the TTCT to Guide the Teaching of Creative Behavior, examines the TTCT as instruments that can be used to foster creativity.
Monograph 3, Guidelines for Administration and Scoring/Comments on Using the TTCT, gives step-by-step procedures for administering the TTCT as well as a training procedure for standard test scoring.
Purchase the TMS online.

Books about E. Paul Torrance and other Creative Books - Be inspired by the “Creativity Man” E. Paul Torrance, and other authors with this collection of creative books and classroom tools. Order Creativity Boosters and Books for Creativity online.

School-Scoring or STS-Scoring

With Figural TTCT Streamlined Scoring, two different norm types are available: grade-related norms and age-related norms. Grade-related norms for the Figural TTCT use one set of norms for each of the grades for which the test is appropriate, including the adult level. Age-related norms are based on the typical age for grades in which the Figural TTCT can be used. They range from five to eighteen years and beyond.
Required for local scoring, the Figural TTCT Norms-Technical Manual includes national norm tables with standard scores and national and local percentiles by grade and age for each score area. The tables also show national percentiles for average standard scores, as well as a creativity index developed from the five standardized scores and thirteen creative strengths. A Streamlined Scoring Guide is also required for local scoring.
The Verbal TTCT can be scored locally or by STS. If a school chooses to score the test locally, the Manual for Scoring and Interpreting Results provides an easy-to-use scoring method. The Verbal TTCT uses one set of grade-related norms for each of the grades which is age appropriate, including the adult level. Age-related norms are based on the typical age for each of the grades in which the Verbal TTCT may be used. They range from age six to adult. The Examiner's Kit contains drawings and stuffed animals required for administering the Verbal TTCT. The kit has contents for both Verbal Form A & B tests.
The Verbal Norms-Technical Manual includes national norm tables with standard scores and national and local percentiles by grade and age for each score area. Both manuals are required for local scoring.

STS Scoring for the Figural and Verbal means you can have results provided on paper or by PDF. You can add a student data file to your order.
Reports can be returned to you by mail, email or posted on the STS Report Center.

TTCT Scoring Pricing and how to submit tests for scoring.

Samples of all TTCT reports can be viewed and downloaded here. A copy of the TTCT Interpretive Manual to guide you through the reports is also available for download.

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