For graduate students or Ph.D. candidates seeking permission to use STS copyrighted materials.

Authorized Research Use

Question: Does my advisor have anything to do?
Answer: Yes, your advisor is required to send STS a letter on school letterhead stating that the advisor will monitor the administration, scoring, interpretation, and use of the test.

Question: What is next?
Answer: Complete the Permission Request Form showing the number of subjects to be included in the research. Be certain to state how the tests will be kept securely.

Question: How do I use the tests in my language?
Answer: Specify the language in which you will administer the test since we may have an edition in that language.

Question: What if there is no STS edition in my language?
Answer: STS will develop an agreement so that the tests can be translated into your language.

Question: How will the tests be scored?
Answer: STS can score the tests.

Question: How can I score the tests?
Answer: STS has scoring directions for purchase.
Question: What is the process of converting from the raw scores to standard scores?
Answer: STS has norms available for English speaking populations.

Question: Is there a discount for students?
Answer: No.

Question: How do I pay for the fees and purchases?
Answer: The fees and purchases may be paid for by credit card or bank transfer.

Question: Can I place a copy of the test in my thesis or dissertation?
Answer: No. We suggest including a statement: “The original data are available from the author. The test is available from Scholastic Testing Service, Inc., Bensenville, IL,” .

Authorized Translation Projects FAQs
- For educational professionals seeking permission to publish translated STS copyrighted materials.

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