For educational professionals seeking permisson to publish translated STS copyrighted materials.

Authorized Translation Projects

Question: How do I translate the tests into my language?
Answer: We will develop an agreement for the purpose of your translating the tests. It is necessary to pay a permissions fee in advance. It is your responsibility to locate someone to make the translation. Once that is finished, contact another person to ensure that the translation is accurate.

Question: How will the tests be scored?
Answer: You will need to translate the scoring process into your language by a purchase of our scoring directions and translate them. Following that translation, you will need to have another person verify the translation is accurate. After the translation, you will need to administer the tests in your country to a sufficient number of subjects to develop your own norms.

Question: How do I develop the norms?
Answer: That development is up to you to do, accurately as possible and matching the process that is used by STS.

Question: Will STS help me develop the norms?
Answer: Norms development is outside the scope of the agreements we usually have.

Question: How do I pay for the fees and materials?
Answer: The fees and purchases may be paid for by credit card or bank transfer.

Question: How much time is there between the agreement signing and when the test must be produced for sale?
Answer: The tests are to be produced within one year from the signing date on the agreement.

Question: Do I have exclusive rights to the translation?
Answer: The translation is yours, and you will send us copies for our records. Our agreements have a limited amount of time. Write us to ask for the time limit. You will annually pay STS royalties based on the quantity of materials sold.

Authorized Research Use FAQs
- For graduate students or Ph.D. candidates seeking permission to use STS copyrighted materials.

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