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Helping Teachers Do What They Do Best

This past year, I had the opportunity to monitor several classrooms while we were studying a new online testing system. The experience reminded me of our primary goal: HELP THE TEACHER. While we continue to provide materials and services to assist in student assessment, we are also striving to make the process simple and less time consuming. STS is here to provide the tools to help you do what you do best: teach.

As our society continues to delve deeper into online and electronic media and communication, STS continues to expand our offerings as well. We have several software test products available, and are now offering an online testing system. Many of our scoring service reports are also available via email or CD. Most of our scoring service products have reporting options that break into diagnostic sub-sections, which provide formative data to help identify strengths and weaknesses in specific skill areas as well as offer normative assessments for summative analysis.

Whether your state and/or school district is adopting the Common Core Standards or not, STS is in the process of evaluating the standards so that we will be fully prepared for this new era in U.S. education. As a society we have a responsibility to teach our children and prepare them for the future—for the future will be theirs.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all educational professionals for caring enough to strive to improve the quality of education today. STS will continue to do our part in providing the materials and services that help you do your job better.


Dennis Anderhalter, Ph.D.
Scholastic Testing Service, Inc.

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