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The School Readiness Test (SRT) assists schools and educational professionals in determining a student’s readiness for first grade.

End of kindergarten or before the third full week of grade 1.

Working Time:
1 hour, 35 minutes

Who May Order:
The SRT is sold only to schools and school districts. STS purchasing information is available here.

Product Details
The fourth edition of the SRT is an effective tool for determining the readiness of each student for first grade. It allows a teacher to learn as much as possible about each entering student's abilities and about any factors that might interfere with his or her learning.

SRT Subtests
The SRT is designed for classroom administration, evaluating students with
11 subtests:
1. Letter/Word Recognition
2. Phonemic Awareness
3. Phonics
4. Listening Comprehension
5. Vocabulary
6. Reading Comprehension
7. Developmental Spelling Ability
8. Optional-Handwriting Ability
9. Numbers and Operations
10. Measurement
11. Geometric Concepts

  • Emphasis on current curriculum
  • Scores & Skills ratings for each individual subtest
  • Receive an overall readiness score and rating that relates to a national percentile and stanine
  • Track individual and group results with the Class Record Sheet and Class Summary Report
  • New SRT Scoring Service available. Schools would receive Individual Student Report, Class List Report, and Group Summary Report.

Sample Reports (Local scoring):
Class Record Sheet
Class Summary Report-front
Class Summary Report-back

A free Preview Sample of the School Readiness Test can be requested online or by calling us at 800.642.6787.

Pricing & Ordering
Starter Set: 1 User's Manual, 1 Answer Key, 20 Test Booklets $80.00
Pkg. of 20 Test Booklets $67.00/Pkg.
Add'l User's Manual $17.00
Add'l Answer Key $6.00

Parent-Teacher Report
Add a package of 20 forms to your order to assist with parent-teacher conferences. $28.00

Order online or contact us for more information.

A free Preview Sample of the School Readiness Test can be requested online or by calling us at 800.642.6787.

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