Test Description

The DRA for Grade 1 is composed of 5 sections:

Part 1 – Word Analysis/Decoding
Part 2 – Vocabulary
Part 3 – Comprehension
Part 4 – Language Arts
Part 5 – Reference Skills

After the scores for the five subtests are determined, they are added together to get a total score. The total score is then matched to one of four levels of readiness. DRA’s Class Record Sheet and Class Summary Report are used to record information about individual and group performance on each subtest and on the entire test.

Test results help teachers discover where additional instruction may be needed. These results may also be used to form fluid groups for group instruction in reading.

DRA Grade 1 Instructional Strategies Manual

The DRA 1 Instructional Strategies Manual is a unique component of the DRA 1. The Instructional Strategies Manual includes a detailed wrong response analysis for the DRA 1 as well as lists instructional strategies. Instructors may find the instructional strategies in the manual to be helpful for any student struggling with first grade reading concepts.



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